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Here are some of the common issues and concerns you may encounter when caring for your baby:

  • The Plate is loose. Try tightening elastics by moving the steristrips higher on the plastic skin, or add some denture adhesive to the plate.
  • Skin rashes. Try to move the tape or plastic skin to different areas, or if the problems persist, phone the Cleft Clinic.
  • Sore, red or bleeding areas on the palate of nose. Call Dr. Loo to arrange an adjustment.
  • Baby pulling plate out. This may happen especially later in treatment. It is important to keep the plate in. Use more denture adhesive, put mitts or socks on the hands. If the plate is left out the tongue can push up into the cleft and possibly widen the cleft. This makes the palate surgery more difficult and prone to complications. For some babies, it may only be possible to have them wear it at night and during feedings. Others will refuse to wear it at all. If this happens at this stage, we are often able to discontinue the plate and still provide your baby with a very good result.
  • Plate not fitting because of teeth coming in. Contact Dr. Loo and make an appointment to have the plate adjusted as soon as possible.Often a slight adjustment will make the plate comfortable again for your baby to wear.