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Orthodontics is the science of gently moving teeth and jaws that are misaligned. As orthodontists, Dr. Loo and Dr. Yen work to diagnose, prevent and correct misaligned teeth and jaws. Conditions commonly treated with orthodontics, include crowded teeth, overbites,underbites and spacing (gaps between teeth).

What to Expect During your Initial Exam


What to Expect


Your First Visits

During your initial consultation, Dr. Loo will review your health history, discuss your treatment goals, perform an orthodontic exam and take diagnostic records (digital xrays and photographs).


After Dr. Loo has reviewed your case, she will discuss your customized treatment plan in detail, including the costs, treatment timeline and expectations.


If you're not able to keep your appointment, please contact the office 48hrs in advance. Cancel only in an emergency, as rescheduling can take up to 4-8 weeks.


Fees are determined by the difficulty of the original dental bite, the age of the patient, the number of phases involved in treatment, and the need for jaw surgery to provide an ideal correction.

Payment Options

Our payment options may be individualized to accommodate each patient. Although the payment options are quite flexible, the most common payment plan chosen by patients who are undergoing full treatment includes an initial appliance fee, followed by the division of the balance over 20 months.

Insurance Coverage

Individuals who are both diagnosed with a congenital facial disorder and covered under BC Medical Services Plan (MSP) are billed directly to the government insurer. For all other insurance coverages, payments are made directly to the insurer (patient/parent).